Rajat (Return)

Rajat (Return)

Believing in rajat (return) is one of the basic beliefs of the Shia religion. According to the sayings of Masoom (as), one who does not believe in the rajat (return) has nothing to do with the Shia religion. The description of rajat is after the completion of the imamate of Imam Zamana (ajf),

the period between the time of the prophet hood of RasoolAllah (saw) and the appearance of Imam Zamana (ajf) will be finished. After this the time of the day of judgment will begin. This time will be extremely long. All of the Imams (as) one by one will return back to this earth and rule throughout the world. W hen our Imam Zamana (ajf) will reappear, that will be the time of His imamate, but during the time of rajat, He will again return to rule throughout the world for an extensive period of time.


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