Imam Mahdi in the Holy Quran and other holy books

Imam Mahdi in the Holy Quran and other holy books


And we have sent down to you the Book explaining all things

Believing in Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him and his holy family and also faith to returning of Imam Mahdi is not only for Moslems. It mentioned in other holy books for others religions and illuminated them to this fact. There is an Ayah in Quran about this idea:
Before this we wrote in the Psalms, after the Message (given to Moses): My worshipper the righteous shall inherit the earth.

All of Shiite commentators and some of Sunnite's said that "Righteous Worshipper" (Ebadi al salehoon) is related to Imam Mahdi. According to this Ayah, good news of returning and manifestation of Imam Mahdi and his worldwide government was mentioned in Prophet David's book (Psalms) and other holy books. So believers of those prophets were aware of this subject. As you know most of the holy books except Quran are consider to distortion. Despite these alterations you can find this topic in these books now.
Is it possible that God talked about this case in all of the holy books and he didn't tell anything about Imam Mahdi in Quran? Of course not, certainly it is a wrong idea. We have a lot of Ayah in Quran about him. Seyyed Hashem Bahrani one of the great Islamic scientists in eleventh century wrote in his book that more than hundred and twenty Ayah is about Imam Mahdi and demonstrate his word by addressing to our Imams verse. Some other scientists increase them to 265 Ayah and may be we can add some more verses (Ayah) to this collection.
All of these verses (Ayah) which by them we are informed manifestation of Imam Mahdi and all events that would happen at that time and learn something about his companion and also his enemy and our duty during this time are telling us how much Mahdaviat (things regarding to Imam Mahdi) is important in Islam. Interpretation of these verses and relating these verses to Imam Mahdi is not only for Shiite commentators, but most of Sunnite commentators accept it and mention to it in their books. One of the great Sunnite scientists Soleyman Ghondoozi Hanafi who was lived in 1294 was allocating one section in his book to this topic and told that 57 verses in Quran are for Imam Mahdi.
At the end, there is an Ayah in Quran which is verified by both Sunnite and Shiite that it is about Imam Mahdi and regards to his revolution. Exalted God says about his manifestation and his government:
And we wished to be gracious to those who were being depressed in the land, to make them leaders (in faith) and make them heirs.
All the commentators agree that heir (Vares) is Imam Mahdi. O God! Manifest the promised of all religions as soon as possible, Amen.

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