Mahdism and the Quran

Mahdism and Ahlul-Bait

Mahdism and Government

Mahdism and Leadership

Mahdism and Ambassadors

Mahdism and Responsibilities

Mahdism and Generosities

  • Avoiding a hasty action

    Avoiding a hasty action

    The traditions differentiate between hastening (Isti'jal) and praying to Allah to hasten the universal government. The former is prohibited while the...
  • International Responsability

    International Responsability

    "……(…..) Certainly, Allah, the Sublime, has made it obligatory on true leaders that they should maintain themselves at the level...

Mahdism and Pathology

  • Who rules de world?

    Who rules de world?

    One of the rulers of our world today, perhaps the most powerful, is the G20.The G20 is a group consisting of 19 of the world´s largest economies...
  • Can Islam be forced on others?

    Can Islam be forced on others?

    Having accepted that from the Islamic point of view, faith in God is ingrained in human nature, and that it is only the parents and the society that c...
  • Imam Mahdi (as) in Sehah-e-Sitah

    Imam Mahdi (as) in Sehah-e-Sitah

    Adopted from the book: "Mahdaviyat in Hadith"The belief in Imam Mahdi (A.S.) has been a topic of debate since the very inception of Islam. Most of the...

Mahdism and Seditions

Mahdism and Characters of Companions

Mahdism and World Colonization

  • How Long Will the Hidden Imam Live?

    How Long Will the Hidden Imam Live?

    Dr. Jalali: How Long Will the Hidden Imam Live?Mr. Hoshyar: The term of his life has not been fixed. But the hadith reported on the authority of the I...
  • The Conduct of the Mahdi

    The Conduct of the Mahdi

    However, these and other traditions point to an important factor in Mahdi's behavior -- that his conduct will be based on that of his forefather, the...

Mahdism and False Claims

  • Mahdaviyat and Historians

    Mahdaviyat and Historians

    1- Qazi Ahmed Ibn Khallakaan writes : "Abul Qasim Mohammad bin Hasan Askari ..... who according to the creed of Imamiyat is twelfth Imam, and is known...
  • The Origin of Patience

    The Origin of Patience

    Adopted from the book: "Mahdaviyat in Hadith" Patience has various levels. In logical terminology it is a 'sum total' with different degrees and whic...

Mahdism and Culture, Art and Literature

  • When Will Mahdi (a.s.) Appear?

    When Will Mahdi (a.s.) Appear?

    Dr. Jalali: When is the promised Mahdi expected to appear? Mr. Hoshyar: No time has been fixed for his appearance (zuhur). As a matter of fact, the Im...
  • The Day of Final Victory

    The Day of Final Victory

    A fact concealed in the belief in divine monotheism (Tawheed) is that none, except Allah, has the right to rule over others. Even a father does not en...

Mahdism and Map of Appearance

  • The Sun and the Moon

    The Sun and the Moon

    "He it is Who appointed the Sun a splendour and the Moon a light, and measured for her stages, that ye might know the number of the years, and the rec...
  • The doubted traditions

    The doubted traditions

    Ibne Khaldun brings twenty one traditions regarding Imam Mahdi (as) after the above explanation, and casts doubt on the narrators and chains of each o...

Mahdism and Supplications

  • Light and Darkness

    Light and Darkness

    The Quran declares that we categorically have two worlds: the Seen; and, the Unseen. When light projects on material objects, man's naked eyes can see...
  • Mahdaviyat and the Interpreters of Quran

    Mahdaviyat and the Interpreters of Quran

    have mentioned countless ayats regarding Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) from Quran. And moreover many books have been complied by the name of "MAHDI IN QURAN". B...

Mahdism and Orientalists

Mahdism and Resurrection

  • Rajat (Return)

    Rajat (Return)

    Believing in rajat (return) is one of the basic beliefs of the Shia religion. According to the sayings of Masoom (as), one who does not believe in the...
  • Concluding Remarks

    Concluding Remarks

    1. The Book of Allah in its written form makes the universal message of Islam fairly known to the Muslims/non-Muslims who can read Arabic with underst...
  • Mahdaviyat and Scholars

    Mahdaviyat and Scholars

    1) Sayed Ahmed Zaini Dahlan, the Mufti of Makka Opines on the traditions pertaining to 'Mahdi' (a.s.) that : "Such traditions are Mutawatir' (too prof...